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What we do

The Healthcare Extension, Promotion & Training Organization

Seeks to end recurring turmoil in East Africa through training, education and developing permanent infrastructure.Our approach is three-fold. First, we seek to empower communities by joining government officials, community leaders, and residents to lay down modern, efficient infrastructure.


Kenya is facing the worst drought in 40 years following four successive failed rainy seasons. Due to this, farmers have been unable to get any substantive crop production for the four seasons and pastoralist communities have continued losing their livestock. The continued drought and famine have led to loss of lives and pupils not being able to attend school due to hunger in the areas hit hard by the ravaging drought.

The Story of Mohamed and Hepto

The 1991 civil strife in Somali will be remembered for a number of things including the displacement of many Somali citizens who ended up in various countries across the globe. For Mr. Mohamed Jama Mohamed, when Somali burst into flames in February 1991, that day a house he was inside also burst into flames ignited by petrol that was being kept in the house, burning his body and changed his life completely.

Medical Camp in Mukusu Masinga Village

Mothers and their children sat waiting in the cool of the shade as the medics, consisting mainly of doctors, nurses and community health volunteers drawn from the county government of Machakos finished preparations for the big day in the sun-baked village, while old men with walking sticks sat on hired plastic chairs outside the facility.

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