About us

Our Goal is different.

We seek to partner with impoverished communities to build permanent infrastructure for long-lasting change.​

We know that to effect change we must address the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. That’s why HEPTO seeks to offer more than medical aid. Like ripples in a pool, your gift will grow beyond measure.

Our approach

Our Mission
The Healthcare Extension, Promotion and Training Organization (HEPTO) seeks to unite donors, volunteers, staff, and communities around the goal of advancing universal access to modern medicine and modern medical best practices.

We do this by establishing permanent infrastructure and continuing medical training and education in impoverished and traditionally underrepresented communities in Africa.

Our Vision
We envision a world in which donors, volunteers, healthcare providers, and patients have overcome all barriers to ensure universal access to modern medicine and modern medical best practices.

​More than just aid, impoverished communities all over the world need empowerment through permanent infrastructure, training and education. With a focus on medicine, HEPTO seeks to partner with nations to grow independently and teach community leaders to provide for themselves. ​​



Ahmed Mohamud


Abdi Jama

Board Member

Florence lintari

Healthcare Coordinator

Hassan Ahmed

–Director of Operations and Communication

Ahmed Jama

Treasury Director