Welcome to our Health Extention &
Promotion Programe

You can always touch another life.

Africa needs you


Unlike other organizations, our focus at HEPTO is on ensuring reliable access to high-quality health care in remote and impoverished communities.


Empowerment is at the core of our mission. We know that change comes not only from saving lives, but from empowering those in need to save themselves.


Hope. It is a defining human trait. We are dedicated to keeping hope alive by invigorating weak economies with new opportunity for trade and service.


If infrastructure is the road to a brighter future, training and education are the vehicle on the path. Using today’s tools to their potential we will bring knowledge and enrichment to those who need it most.

We Find & Fund

Hepto as organization with its offices in Eastern African region, history and experience in Africa’s Health Cares Services, we constantly interact, identify the needs.

We Educate

Constantly we organize for trainings of medical on the best practices, new equipment on how to use and repair and the non medical staff on first aid services.

We Provide Care

Organizing for free medical camps, treating the poor and the needy while providing food, bus fare and accommodation for those traveling from far places

We Consult

Our partnership programme involves different stakeholders leaving no one behind. We mostly rely on advises from partners, Governments, Hospitals, Non Governmental entities etc.

What we have achieved

The following are the archievements soo far with the help of the board and well wishers

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Patients Treated
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Medical Equipment
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Funds Raised
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Food Provided